Established in 2012, Sidecar is the brainchild of a creative team brought together by a shared vision of creating a beautiful, new type of gathering place for their beloved community…


…One offering perfectly hand-crafted doughnuts, delicious coffee, and infectious smiles for all.

Here at Sidecar, we infuse an exciting, soulful energy into the art of doughnut making, and stand by our commitment to serve the ‘World’s Freshest Doughnut.’

With inventive, seasonal flavors, and the founders’ backgrounds in visual arts, the Sidecar team brings an artistic flare to the culinary venture, which can be seen in the creativity and passion poured into not only their unique doughnuts, but also into every detail of their brick and mortar stores.

Sidecar’s mission is to consistently use a “from the earth” approach in their sourcing of ingredients, their innovation with new flavors, and their commitment to customer service. From the moment you step into Sidecar and bite into one of their delectable treats, you will surely agree that this is not your ordinary doughnut experience.

We believe in Doughnuts, Coffee, and Community, and would love for you to check out how we are putting that motto to use with our SideCares program.  Learn more about the Sidecar team below. Have a Nice Day!


Sumter Pendergrast


Favorite Doughnut

Apple Fritter

Chi-Lin Pendergrast


Favorite Doughnut

Choc A Lot with Mint

Erika Viramontes

General Manager, Costa Mesa

Favorite Doughnut

Maple Bacon

Anastasia Hamilton

General Manager, Santa Monica

Favorite Doughnut

Lemon & Thyme

Jason Kliewer

Director of Culture

Favorite Doughnut

Strawberry Buttermilk

Jonathan Trigg

Director of Business Support

Favorite Doughnut


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