Sidecar Birthday Bash


this past Saturday we celebrated Sidecar co-founder, 

photographer & awesome person all-around, 

Chi-lin Pendergrast's 38th Birthday...

(pictured below with baby Willa)

We pulled our truck up in front of our soon-to-open storefront on 

17th Street & served up fresh scratch doughnuts to all that attended...

(floral stylist extraordinaire Kate adorning the truck)



a selection of the offerings that day

including little hand-written notes that Chi-lin 

had in her pocket ready to give to each guest as a token of gratitude


Sidecar's manager, Amanda & husband, Brandon...

yep, it's love



they can't be any sweeter...



Willa was popular with the crowd

 What a great day. 

Happy Birthday Chi-lin!

new wheels...


here she is!

our beauty of a catering truck with a fresh coat of red paint...

Sumter & George, the builder, happy with the custom wood drawers 

that George built...

man power

Willa power

the Metro in all her glory...

see ya real soon!


Sidecar at A'maree's


Sidecar Manager, Amanda Prettyman, serving up some mini doughnuts 

at a school fundraiser at A'maree's in Newport Beach

Sumter taste-testing the brew that day...

such an amazing building & beautiful space

a peek inside

A'maree's Denise Schaefer & Jeff Yokoyama of Yoki Shop with Sumter

guests arriving & taste-testing the goods...

verdict is:

they liked them!

Sidecar Chef Brooke Desprez & assistant Kate Jeremias catered & styled the food for the event

ceramic hands by Kate Jeremias with shredded beets

more of Brooke working her magic

lovely Denise

Sumter & Brooke palin' around

these two...

& these two...

serious hug

serious smiles




Sidecar people


ms. bea


nina & co.

sumter, baby w & a couple of Stumptown guys...

we love our people.