Sidecar Manager, Amanda Prettyman, serving up some mini doughnuts 

at a school fundraiser at A'maree's in Newport Beach

Sumter taste-testing the brew that day...

such an amazing building & beautiful space

a peek inside

A'maree's Denise Schaefer & Jeff Yokoyama of Yoki Shop with Sumter

guests arriving & taste-testing the goods...

verdict is:

they liked them!

Sidecar Chef Brooke Desprez & assistant Kate Jeremias catered & styled the food for the event

ceramic hands by Kate Jeremias with shredded beets

more of Brooke working her magic

lovely Denise

Sumter & Brooke palin' around

these two...

& these two...

serious hug

serious smiles




Written by Sumter Pendergrast — December 10, 2012