Our Doughnuts...

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Our doughnuts are made daily, from scratch, using simple recipes, and only the finest ingredients possible.  We use fresh, seasonal products, and never add preservatives or artificial flavors/colors.  Everything is made in house, from real ingredients – infused glazes, hand crushed jams, flavored creams, and even a homemade pie-crust to use as a crumbled topping. Our doughnuts are fried throughout the day, guaranteeing each customer a fresh and warm treat.  Flavor selection changes monthly, with a daily Gluten Free option and a Vegan flavor on Thursdays.


December Flavors...

Monthly Flavors 

Gingerbread ($3.00)
moist ginger spice cake doughnut topped with a sweet glaze and fresh ginger… can you make a gingerbread house out of these lovelies?!
*10% of all proceeds from this flavor go to our SideCares partner of the month, Project Hope Alliance. To find out more about how you can help this amazing organization spread hope this holiday season, click here
Egg Nog ($3.00)
your favorite holiday beverage dressed up as a doughnut… made with Alta Dena Egg Nog, rum extract, and freshly grated nutmeg. 
Pear Charlotte ($3.75)
raised and topped with house made pear compote, fresh pear cream, pomegranate, and cinnamon.   
Buche de Noel ($3.75)
raised chocolate doughnut topped with house made Callebaut chocolate glaze, pistachio crumble, and a meringue mushroom…deliciously fun and inspired by the traditional French yule log dessert! 
Apple Fritter ($3.00)
a traditional fritter made with Granny Smith apples and Madagascar vanilla bean glaze  
Toasted Coconut ($2.75) 
raised and topped with delectable toasted coconut
Heirloom Buttered Popcorn ($3.00)
raised and topped with brown butter popcorn glaze and house made popped kettle corn.  

Holiday Malasadas ($3.00)
our very own traditional Malasada… and this month we are doing two different ones, each raised and dusted with a very special sugar just for the holidays: 
cranberry and matcha tea. 

Daily Flavors

Butter & Salt ($2.75)
vanilla bean cake with brown butter glaze and fleur de sel
Huckleberry ($3.00)
Oregon huckleberry cake doughnut with huckleberry glaze
Saigon Cinnamon Crumb ($2.75)
slightly sweet, slightly spicy Saigon cinnamon cake doughnut, topped with sweet glaze and a house made cinnamon crumble.
Maple Bacon ($3.50)
raised doughnut topped with pure Vermont maple syrup glaze and crisp Niman Ranch bacon
Madagascar Vanilla Twist ($2.00)
raised twist with vanilla bean glaze
Green Eggs & Ham (4.75)
a savory treat… raised and filled with poached egg, Niman Ranch Ham, and a house made basil hollandaise sauce. *Only served until 11am.

Gluten Free & Vegan

Weekly Gluten Free* ($4.00)
a delicious take on one of our unique doughnut flavors, made with gluten free flour. a new flavor is offered starting every Monday. check out what's in the shop this week:  
Week of 12/15 - Huckleberry
Week of 12/22 - Cinnamon Crumb

Vegan Thursday* ($3.50)
a vegan-friendly flavor, made just for our vegan pals every Thursday  
12/18 - Ginger Molasses
12/24 - Toasted Coconut

*Our gluten-free and vegan doughnuts are NOT allergy-free. They are prepared in the same workspace and fryer/oils as our regular doughnuts. Hence, people with severe allergies to gluten or vegan ingredients should refrain from consuming these items.

*Most our doughnuts contain almond flour and/or almond extract.