Our Doughnuts...

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Our doughnuts are made daily, from scratch, using simple recipes, and only the finest ingredients possible.  We use fresh, seasonal products, and never add preservatives or artificial flavors/colors.  Everything is made in house, from real ingredients – infused glazes, hand crushed jams, flavored creams, and even a homemade pie-crust to use as a crumbled topping. Our doughnuts are fried throughout the day, guaranteeing each customer a fresh and warm treat.  Flavor selection changes monthly, with a daily Gluten Free option and a Vegan flavor on Thursdays.


September Flavors 

*allergy alert! this month we will have peanuts in the kitchen due to our PB&J doughnut. if you have a severe peanut allergy, please be aware that cross contamination is possible. 
Cardamom and Orange ($2.75)
spice cake doughnut made with cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and topped with a house made cardamom and orange zest streusel
Butter & Salt ($2.75)
vanilla bean cake with brown butter glaze and fleur de sel
Brett's Buttermilk Old Fashioned ($2.50)
our take on the classic!
Huckleberry ($3.00)
Oregon huckleberry cake doughnut with huckleberry glaze
Saigon Cinnamon Crumb ($2.75)
slightly sweet, slightly spicy Saigon cinnamon cake doughnut topped with sweet glaze and house made cinnamon crumble
Maple Bacon ($3.50)
raised doughnut topped with pure Vermont maple syrup glaze and crispy Niman Ranch bacon
PB&J ($3.25)
Sidecar takes on a back-to-school with a classic...fluffy raised doughnut with peanut butter glaze, concord grape jam, finished with salted peanuts. 
Rose Geranium Blackberry ($3.75)
raised and topped with fresh blackberries steeped in handmade rose geranium syrup (with geranium leaves from Chef Brooke's very own garden!), and topped with a rose geranium scented cream.
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Twist ($2.00)
raised twist with vanilla bean glaze
 Salted Caramel ($2.75)
raised ring dipped in a house made caramel, sprinkled with Jacobsen Sea Salt.
*10% of all proceeds from this flavor go to the Newport Beach chapter of Surfrider! Help save our waves one doughnut at a time… :) Learn more about our new and exciting community project, SideCares here
Maple Bar ($2.75)
Sidecar takes another classic doughnut treat, and make it their own.. the perfect companion for a cup of our new signature blend coffee.
Malasada with Blackberry & Apple Jam ($3.00)
our very own traditional Malasada... raised and dusted with sugar - perfectly sweet and fluffy…this month we are filling it with house made jam made with the season's freshest blackberries and apples. 
Green Eggs & Ham ($4.75)
a savory treat… raised and filled with a poached egg, Niman Ranch ham and house made basil hollandaise sauce.
Weekly Gluten Free* ($4.00)
a delicious take on one of our unique doughnut flavors, made with Gluten Free flour
Week of 9/15 - Toasted Coconut
Week of 9/22 - Huckleberry
Week of 9/29 - Cinnamon Crumb
Vegan Thursday* ($3.50)
a vegan-friendly flavor, made just for our vegan pals every Thursday
9/18 - Huckleberry
9/25 - Cardamom Orange
10/2 - Toasted Coconut

*Our gluten-free and vegan doughnuts are NOT allergy-free. They are prepared in the same workspace and fryer/oils as our regular doughnuts. Hence, people with severe allergies to gluten or vegan ingredients should refrain from consuming these items.

*Most our doughnuts contain almond flour and/or almond extract.