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If you cannot find the information you need on this page, please feel free to call any of our locations or email us at

What is Sidecar doing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In these uncertain and unsettling times, we’re so honored to know that our doughnuts are a source of true happiness. As such, we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure we are able to keep those smiles comin’ safely, and for as long as possible.

Our shops are following (and meeting!) all federal, state and local regulations & guidelines as they pertain to safety, sanitation, and the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are closely monitoring the situation from both a local and national standpoint, and are continually making adjustments in order to adhere not only to imposed regulations, but also to the needs of our team and customers. Following are the measures currently implemented across all Sidecar locations in response to the growing concerns related to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

We are following – and in some instances exceeding – the CDC’s guidelines for safety and sanitation in all our stores.

We are encouraging all customers to order delivery and/or place their orders ahead of time for pick-up by calling their local Sidecar, via Postmates/UberEats/GrubHub (location dependent) in order to limit exposure to staff and other patrons.

Our shop doors remain propped open at all times so that customers do not need to handle door pulls/glass.

We have a “Doughnut Bouncer” working our doors, and are limiting the number of guests in each store to two (2) at a time. We have also placed tape markings on the floor/ground 6-feet apart on which people need to stand while waiting in line. 

We are sanitizing our shops every 30 minutes, and our registers are wiped down after each transaction. 

All of our front and back of the house staff are wearing gloves and masks at all times; and we are requiring all customers at our Los Angeles area locations to wear masks upon entering any of our shops. (*Please note that if you are not wearing a mask, we will still happily take your order while you remain outside and will bring you your doughnuts when they are ready!).

We have installed plexiglass shields at our registers.

We have temporarily discontinued our sampling program.

We have temporarily discontinued use of reusable drink and dish ware, as well as our “bring your own mug” program; and are only using to-go/disposable containers.

All items from our customer coffee stations including plastic utensils, napkins, straws, milks & creamers, sugar packets, etc. are now kept behind the counter and available by request only.

Water dispensers have been temporarily removed from our service counters.

Staff cell phone use has been limited to work-specific calls/texts only, and all staff are required to wash their hands following CDC guidelines after each time they use their phone.

As we make additional changes, we will update this list as well as share as much information as possible via our social channels. Thank you so much for your ongoing support during this time!

Are all of your shops still open?

YES! All of our shop locations are currently open. Please head to the locations page of the site for hours and additional information.

How do I place an order ahead of time for pick-up?

*Due to extremely high call volume, we will not be able to accommodate all phone orders at this time. If you have trouble getting through to the location you are looking to order from, please either use one of online services outlined below, or visit one of our shops… we are still happily taking walk-in orders for takeout and would love to see your smiling face! 

Each of our locations is able to accept pre-orders for pick-up of up to 4 dozen doughnuts via the methods outlined below. For orders of more than 4 dozen, please contact the shop nearest you by phone or email with your request, and the management will let you know what is possible!

Costa Mesa

Via phone at 949-873-5424 or Postmates

Santa Monica

Via phone at 310-587-0022, Postmates (Every Day) or via GrubHub (Monday-Thursday ONLY!)


Via phone at 424-263-5091, Postmates or GrubHub

Del Mar

Via phone at 858-847-2019, Postmates or GrubHub

Do you offer curbside pick-up?

Unfortunately, due to store volume and staffing limitations, we are not always able to accommodate curbside pick-up. If you place your order by phone, please ask if curbside pick-up will be available at the time for which you are placing your order. If we are able to bring your doughnuts out to your car when you arrive, we would be more than happy to! Otherwise, generally, pick-up orders must be picked up inside the shop at the designated pick-up location.

How do I place an order for delivery?

While we do not offer an in-house delivery service, all our locations are on the delivery platforms outlined below. As these services do have specific areas to which the can/cannot deliver, please be sure to place your order from the Sidecar nearest you:

Costa Mesa


Santa Monica

Postmates (Every Day), GrubHub (Mon-Thur ONLY), UberEats (Mon-Thur ONLY!)


Postmates, GrubHub, UberEats

Del Mar

Postmates, GrubHub, UberEats


What if I need more than 5 dozen doughnuts?

Due to the way we operate (frying in small batches throughout the day), typically the largest pre-order we are able to accommodate is 4-dozen. That said, depending on the day/time you are ordering for, we can sometimes handle more than that. Please contact the shop nearest you with the details of your request, and someone from the management team will get back to you ASAP.

Do you offer discounts on larger orders/by the dozen?

We do not. Due to varying flavor prices, all doughnuts are priced individually, no matter the size of your order. However, we do offer our “The Sidecar Classics Box,” “The Sidecar Seasonals Box,” and special monthly variety boxes at slightly discounted prices – head to any of our location’s menu page for more details.

Do you have gift cards?

Yup! We have gift cards available in any denomination at all of our locations – come on in and see us to pick one up! If you do not live in the area, and would like to order a gift card for someone who is, we would be happy to help mail one to that special someone! To place your order, please visit our online store. Please note that we do not offer electronic gift cards at this time – we apologize for any inconvenience!

what are today’s flavors?

We offer a selection of daily flavors that are available year round, as well as a monthly assortment of seasonal flavors. Monthly flavors change the first of each month and run the duration of that month.  Please choose the MENU page for the location you are looking to visit from the main site navigation to see what we’re currently offering!

do you have gluten free or vegan options?

We offer a weekly gluten free flavor, as well as a monthly vegan doughnut! Our gluten free option changes every Monday, and our vegan flavor changes the 1st of each month. You can always find the current and upcoming flavors for both our vegan and gluten free flavors on the menu pages on this site.

Our gluten free doughnuts are made with potato flour, rice flour, and tapioca flour. Depending on the flavor, some are also made with almond flour/extract – please be sure to ask your friendly doughnut server if the weekly flavor contains almond flour/extract if you have any allergy concerns!

Please note that we are NOT a gluten free/vegan facility. While our gluten free/vegan flavors are made with 100% gluten free/vegan ingredients, they are prepared in the same workspace and fryers as our regular doughnuts.

do you have nutrition info on your doughnuts?

We do not have nutritional information available on any of our products. However, we can tell you that we only use the highest quality ingredients possible, never use any preservatives or artificial flavors, and make pretty much everything right in house!

what kind of oil do use to fry your doughnuts?

We fry all our doughnuts in organic, sustainable palm oil.

do your doughnuts contain nuts/dairy/eggs/soy?

Our doughnut flavors change often, which means the ingredients we use change often as well! If you ever have any food allergy or sensitivity, please be sure to ask your friendly doughnut server about how specific flavors are made in order to ensure you avoid any ingredients of concern. But to help get you started:

All of our doughnuts – other than those specified as “vegan” – contain eggs and milk products.

Many flavors are made with almond flour or almond extract, and we do often feature monthly specials with other nut products. If you have allergies or sensitivities to any type of nut, please ask if the flavor you’re looking to order may contain any.

Many of our doughnuts do contain trace amounts of soy, so, again, be sure to inquire before ordering if you have any issues with soy.


Can you cater my wedding/office party/birthday/event?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer any sort of on-site catering. If you are interested in simply serving our doughnuts at your event and are able to pick them up from one of our shops, please contact the location nearest you/your event with your request, and the management team will let you know what is possible!

do you do doughnut cakes?

We think they are super fun(!), but we do not do doughnut cakes. In the event that you would like to construct a cake made out of our doughnuts on your own, please go ahead and place an order for pick-up using one of the methods outlined in the “How Do I Place An Order Ahead of Time for Pick-up” question/answer above.

what about mini dougnuts?

We love everything mini (um, mini pigs, what?!), but so sorry, we do not offer mini doughnuts. However, might we suggest our Buttermilk Drops?

Our buttermilk and nutmeg cake drops, dipped in house made vanilla bean glaze, are available by pre-order ONLY, and not available in store. Minimums apply and are dependent on the shop location from which you are ordering. Head to the MENU page (via the main site navigation!) for the shop you’re looking to pick-up from for more details.

Can I order custom letters/numbers/colored doughnuts?

As much as we would love to, we are not able to do any sort of custom doughnuts. We only offer what is on our current daily/monthly menu.

i love your coffee — can i buy it from you by the bag?

Why, yes, you can! We carry our own signature blend espresso as well as a rotating selection of single origin roasts available for purchase by the bag in any of our shop locations.

I don’t live in Southern California ­— do you ship doughnuts? Or those cool coffee mugs/tees/pins/etc.?

Due to our commitment to freshness, we do not ship our doughnuts. Also, unfortunately at this time, our online shop is not quite up and running, so we cannot ship any retail items. But hey – what a great excuse to visit Southern California!

I want to bring a Sidecar to my hometown — do you franchise?

Thanks so much for loving us so much that you want to bring us to your hometown! However, we are not quite at the franchise stage of our business plan. When we get there, we will update the website with all the pertinent information.