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Thanks for choosing Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee!

Please read our Ordering Guidelines carefully, and then fill out our handy form.



ATTN: DOUGH-NUTS! Please read these guidelines in full prior to filling out the online order form! 

*Please note that our Del Mar location is temporarily CLOSED so is not currently available for any ordering options.


Once you’ve read ALL the guidelines and determined this online form is for you, go ahead and fill it out!  Your order will be confirmed by the location to which you placed it with either a call/email to collect payment info, or with an emailed invoice that will allow you to pay online. Additional details will be provided when you place your order!


We can’t wait for you to enjoy our World’s Freshest Doughnuts and signature blend coffee!


*Please note that our Del Mar location is temporarily CLOSED so is not currently available for delivery.


All of our locations are exclusively on Postmates for delivery!  As Postmates does have specific areas to which they can/cannot deliver, please be sure to place your order from the Sidecar nearest you:


Costa Mesa

Santa Monica



If you live outside the delivery radius that Postmates offers, we truly apologize for the inconvenience. We do hope to expand our delivery services at some point, but we aren’t quite there yet!


*Please note that our Del Mar location is temporarily CLOSED so is not currently available for pick-up orders. 


If you are looking to order for same-day pick-up, please call the Sidecar nearest you and place your order over the phone. You can also always place a pick-up order for any of our locations using Postmates. All same-day phone orders must be received by 1-hour prior to our closing time.


If you are looking to order more than 2 dozen doughnuts for 24 hours from now, use the online order form!  Please adhere to the following guidelines and complete the online order form:


  1. Your order must be placed by 2:00pm or earlier the day prior to desired pick-up.
  2. Minimum doughnut order is 2-dozen, maximum is 5-dozen. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accommodate orders over 5 dozen. *Please refer to the ‘menu’ section of this page for additional info on ordering Buttermilk Drops, Apple Fritters, or Basil Eggs Benedict!
  3. All orders placed via our online order form will be subject to an additional 15% gratuity.
  4. Please be sure to indicate the location from which you would like to pick-up your order! You will select from the drop-down menu at the top of the form
  5.  We are only able to accommodate pick-up orders during the following times:


Monday–Thursday: 7am–5pm

Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 1:00pm–8pm

Sunday: 1:00pm–5pm


Visit the Menu page for the location you are looking to order from to see our current flavor offerings:


Costa Mesa Menu

Santa Monica Menu

Torrance Menu


Please note that flavors indicated as “monthly” are only available during the current month. If you are looking to place an order for a future month, please note that new monthly flavors will be posted to the menu page on the 1st of each month. Please check back then if you would like to include monthly flavors in your order.


Buttermilk Drops are only available via pre-order following the above guidelines – they are not available in our shops. Drops must be ordered by the dozen, with a minimum order of 2 dozen. Buttermilk Drops are $1 each.


Basil Eggs Benedicts are only available in our shop locations – we are currently unable to accommodate pre-orders of this flavor


Apple Fritters are only available on Fridays and only while supplies last, so please take note of this when placing your order!


Unfortunately we cannot take any special requests for flavors; all selections must be made from our available flavors. Please feel free to mix and match, but be sure to note that not all doughnuts are priced the same.


Coffee is available by the 12-serving carafe (12 serving = 12 8-oz cups). To-go carafes are $30/each and the maximum order is 4 carafes. At this time we do not offer pre-order on espresso beverages using this online form.

Order Details



12 serving to-go carafe


Things we should know

i.e., allergies, special occasion, etc

Customer Details

Please Note: If you have filled out this form for an order of LESS than 2 dozen, and/or for a same-day pick-up time that is LESS than 4 hours from now, please return to the "Order Guidelines" tab and review the details of where/how you should be placing your order!

Once your form has been submitted, the location for which you placed your order will confirm receipt by either calling/emailing you to collect payment info, or with an emailed invoice that will allow you to pay online.

If a representative from your pick-up location does not contact you by the end of the business day the day prior to your pick-up date, please contact the location directly. Contact info for each shop can be found on the "Locations" page of the site.

Yes, I have read and understand the guidelines